Description of the master

Year 1

The first year of the double master degree is focused on the fundamental aspects of polymers (polymer chemistry, polymer physics, thermodynamics, characterization, polymer reaction engineering, and processing) and is taught in the Faculty of Chemistry of Donostia-San Sebastian in two semesters. One of the lectures (Physico Chemistry of Polymers in Solution) will be taught via video-conference from Bordeaux. In the second semester, students will have to carry on a research project (18 ECTS) in the labs of research groups located in Donostia-San Sebastián.

The first year will ensure the students to gather the basics and fundamentals of Polymer Science in the context of Material Science and allow them to start getting in contact with research labs analyzing polymers and macromolecules for a wide range of applications.

Year 2

The second year will be taught in Bordeaux (third semester) and therefore students must move to Bordeaux to continue the program. Two courses will be taught by videoconference from UPV/EHU. Lectures will be in English and more specific topics (e.g., Functional polymers and Self-Assembly) or advanced topics in polymer physics, processing and engineering (e.g., Rheology) will be taught as complementary to the education received in the first two semesters.

During the fourth semester students will have to carry on/out an internship research placement in a lab across European polymer research centers. The master program will propose six month internships (30 ECTS) in close collaborations with LCPO and POLYMAT labs and other labs at both universities and other European universities as well as technological centers and industrial partners (e.g., Arkema, Akzo-Nobel, DSM, Wacker, Allnex, Solvay). The internship will promote internationalization of the students and also future integration in the market place.

Students will mandatorily receive a minimum salary (3560€) during the internship placements.



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